Download LGUP, Uppercut Tool and LG USB Drivers

If LGUP Tool is not detecting your device while flashing the KDZ/TOT firmware then here we have got a perfect solution for you which will help you in flashing KDZ/TOT firmware via LGUP Uppercut Tool. It will let you flash file on any your LG device. Read the complete post to know more about LGUP Uppercut Tool.

If LGUP tool has not worked for you or have faced any issue while using the LGUP Tool then you do not worry as we have got the perfect tool for you. Sometimes LGUP Tool does not detect the device or it may give error while flashing the file. But the LGUP Uppercut Tool is the perfect tool for LG devices as it has a good interface and very easy to use.

Download LG Uppercut Tool

Download LGUP Uppercut Tool & LG USB Drivers

LGUP Uppercut Tool is all in one tool for all the LG devices. Almost all the leading brands have their own flash tools such as Samsung, Xiaomi each has got their own tool for flashing files and more tasks. With the help of LGUP Tool, you can flash stock ROM and many other tasks easily with just one click.

If you use the Normal LGUP Tool then you have to download the DLL files separately for each device but there is another tool called LGUP Uppercut Tool which is quite handy to use and can detect any LG device easily. The LG UpperCut Tool is designed by a well known XDA Developer AutoPrime.

Once you download the LG Uppercut Tool then there is no need to download the DLL files separately. The only thing you may require to use LGUP tool is LG USB Drivers. If you are using Windows 10 then there is no need of downloading LG USB Drivers but if you are using the older version of Windows then you may have to download the LG USB Drivers.

Earlier it was quite difficult to install the stock ROM on the device and there were more chances of failure but nowadays these handy tools such as LGUP has made it quite easier and you can install the ROMs very easily.

Before proceeding further please make sure that you have downloaded the proper firmware files of your device. If you do not use the exact Firmware file then the tool will display error even your device may also get bricked. Here in this article you will learn to use LGUP Tool and can also download your LG USB DRIVERS.

Download LG UpperCut Tool

Download LG USB Drivers

  • Filename: LG USB Drivers
  • Size: 15.92 MB
  • Developer: LG
  • Download: Download Here

Download LGUP Tool

  • Filename: LGUP Tool
  • Size: 14.58 MB
  • Developer: LG
  • Download: Download Here

How to Use LG Uppercut Tool?

  • At first download and install the LG USB Drivers on your desktop.
  • After that install LG Uppercut tool successfully.
  • Now connect your LG Device to PC via the cable and check whether your device is showing in Device Manager or not.
  • You can find your device in Device Manager under the Ports named as LG Serial COM port.
  • Now open the LG Uppercut Tool.
  • That’s it, Now your device will be connected with LG Flash Tool and you can install any ROM on your device with proper firmware file.


So, this was the complete guide on LG UpperCut Tool & LG USB Drivers. Above shared method is one of the best and easiest method to install ROM on any of the LG devices. You can install the ROM on your LG Mobile Phone in just a few minutes with the help of LG Uppercut tool.

If you are having any trouble in using LG Uppercut Tool or it’s not detecting your mobile phone then please let us know the complete query via the comments section below. We would be happy to hear from you.

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