Fix ‘Sorry There Was a Problem With Your Request’ Error Instagram

Sometimes while logging in to Instagram it may show an error saying Sorry there was a problem with your request. If you are also facing the same issue then here you are at the right place. There are various reasons for this error. You might have tried clearing data, uninstalling the application and lot more. But none of them solves this problem.

The very first thing which might have been coming into your mind that Why am I facing this error? There is no such specific reason for this error. The possible reason behind this error is that your IP might have banned by the Instagram team because of violating their issue and once you start facing this error on your account then you would not be able to access that particular account from the Instagram application.

Some people say that this error can be fixed only by factory resetting the phone or there is no solution to this error. But the thing is that there is a trick which will fix this error for you. In the There Was a Problem With Your Request you get banned from using a particular account of Instagram on a particular device.

sorry there was a problem with your request fix

Instagram: Fix Sorry There Was a Problem with Your Request Error

If you are facing this error on the Instagram application then still you can access your Instagram from the Instagram website or you can use your account on any other device. But, you would not be able to access the account from that device in which you are banned from using.

So, here we have got a perfect solution for you which will fix this error in just a few minutes and you would be able to access your Instagram via application without any issue. Have a look at the below-shared methods to fix the error.

#Method 1: Via Facebook

This is the very first and easiest method to fix There Was a Problem with Request Error on Instagram. This method will work for both Android & iOS users. Follow the below-given steps one by one carefully.

  1. Open Google Chrome browser on your mobile phone or PC and Login to your Instagram account in which you are facing the error.
  2. Now if you have linked any Facebook account to your Instagram account then go to your Profile and remove your linked Facebook account from Instagram.
  3. After that, you need to create a new Facebook account or you can use any Facebook account which is not connected to any Instagram account.
  4. Now open your Instagram account on any other mobile phone and connect your Instagram account with the newly created Facebook account.
  5. After that delete the Instagram application from your mobile phone in which you are facing the error and reinstall the application from Google Play Store.
  6. Open the Instagram application and Log In to your Instagram account via Facebook.
  7. That’s it, Now you will not face There was a problem with request error anymore.

#Method 2: Disable Instagram Account Temporary

If the above shared method did not work for you or having any trouble with that then there is another method which can also fix this error. Have a look at the below-shared steps.

  1. Open any browser and Log In to your Instagram account via the website.
  2. Open your Profile and click on Edit Profile.
  3. After that tap on Temporary Disable Account.
  4. Enter your Instagram password and proceed for disabling the account.
  5. Now, wait for 12-24 hours.
  6. After 12-24 hours reinstall the Instagram application and Log In to Instagram account.


So, this was a complete guide on Instagram Error: Sorry there was a problem with your request, if you are also facing the same error then it can be fixed by following the methods shared above in this article. If still, you are getting the same error or having any trouble then feel free to ask your query in the comments section below.

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