How to Clear Clipboard in Windows 10

As we all are habitual of copy and paste on our pc as well as mobile phone. Whenever you want to type the same thing at some other platform then you may Copy and Paste it from the original source. But ever wonder that if you copy something on your PC then it gets saved automatically to one of your PCs drives.

If you are using a public computer and have copied something important then it can be harmful to you as the content you have copied can be accessed by anyone. Sometimes we even copy our passwords or some important document whose privacy is important. So, here in this article, we are going to share a few methods by which you can Clear Clipboard of Windows.

Clear Clipboard Windows

How to Clear Clipboard for Windows

If you are on a public computer then it becomes important to clear the Clipboard as it can be accessed by anyone easily. There are various ways to clear the clipboard of Windows but here we have shared some of the easiest ways to clear the clipboard on your PC without many efforts.

The easiest way is that you type something on the notepad or anywhere else and copy that text then the previously copied content would be overwritten but this is not the complete way and would not clear the clipboard fully. So, follow below-mentioned steps to clear the clipboard completely.

#Method 1: ShortCut Method for Clearing Clipboard

Here in this method, we would create a shortcut on our PCs desktop which will let you clear the clipboard in just a click. This is one of the easiest method and clipboard can be erased easily with just a click. Every time whenever you want to clear the clipboard simply click on that shortcut and the clipboard would be cleared permanently.

  1. At first, Right click on your desktop screen.
  2. Now, in the menu go to New>Shortcut.
  3. Now it would ask you for the location of the shortcut then enter this command in the location box cmd /c echo. | clip
  4. Now give a name to the shortcut Clear Shortcut and save it.
  5. Now there will be a shortcut on your desktop to clear the clipboard.
  6. Simply double click on the shortcut to Clear Clipboard.

#Method 2: Right Click to Clear Clipboard

Here is another method in which we can assign the values to Right Click of Mouse for clearing the Clipboard. Which means that whenever you press the Right Click of your Mouse on the Desktop then there would be an option to clear the Clipboard and you can clear the Clipboard with just one click on your mouse. Follow the below mentioned steps to know more:

  1. Press the Windows + R key together to open Run.
  2. Now enter regedit in the command box.
  3. Locate Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell
  4. Then Right Click on the shell folder and move to New>Key and rename the key Clear Clipboard.
  5. After that Double Click on the Default right.
  6. In the Value Data Section paste this command cmd /c echo. | clip
  7. Now, whenever you right click on the desktop then it will show you Clear Clipboard section which would clear the clipboard with just one click.

#Method 3: Restart System

So, here comes another method in which you can clear the Clipboard completely. In this method, you just have to Restart your PC and after every reboot, your clipboard would vanish completely.

However, this is quite a slow process as the reboot takes time and if you want to clear the clipboard frequently then you should follow the above-shared methods.

#Method 4: Copy Text

This is also a quick way to make your copied information secure. If you have copied something important information on your clipboard and want to replace it with something other then just type anything on your notepad or address bar and then copy that text.

Once you copy some other text than previously saved information would be replaced with the newly copied information. It just replaces the copied information and would not clear the clipboard completely.

#Method 5: Using Print Screen

It is also an efficient way to clear the clipboard. In this method you just have to click on the Print Screen button on your keyboard, once you click on the PrtScr button then it would capture the screenshot of your current window and the text or any information you have copied would be over-written with the screenshot.

#Method 6: Run Command to Clear Clipboard

Yet there is one more way to clear the clipboard which is quite a long process as compared to other methods. In this method, you would have to run a command to clear the clipboard. Follow the below-shared steps to know more:

  1. Press Windows + R key together.
  2. Now paste this command cmd /c echo. | clip and click on OK.
  3. That’s it now your clipboard would be cleared.
  4. Every time you want to clear the clipboard just open Run and type C then it would show suggestion to clear the clipboard.


So, here we shared the various ways to Clear Clipboard for Windows. You can use any of them to clear clipboard but here we would recommend you to use the Shortcut method which is quite easier and can be cleared with just one click.

If still you are facing any error or have any query related to Clipboard then you can your query in the comments section below. We would be happy to hear from you.

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